The Kooikerology blog began as a pandemic-quarantine-era exercise in writing down the conversations we were already having within the Kooiker community. Kooikers have a long history of having an incredibly knowledgeable, passionate international breed community behind them – but it wasn’t showing up on Google searches very well! The blog content outgrew my personal dogs’ website and in 2022 I migrated the breed-blog content to Kooikerology.
I think of Kooikerology as essentially a breed narrative blog for those both casually and deeply interested in the breed. The content is primarily opinions, backed when possible with facts and sources – but the thoughts (and photographs) are my own.

Who is the author?

The blogger behind Kooikerology is dog nerd Gretchen Wetzel. I’m an American who brought home my first Kooiker in pre-internet 2001 and fell down the breed rabbit hole even more deeply as internet content and communities grew around our shared love for the dogs. I’ve traveled to Europe to see Kooikers multiple times and have met, trained, and lived with hundreds of Kooikers. I have trained and shown in various conformation and sports venues with my Kooikers.

Author Gretchen Wetzel showing Kooikerhondje in dog show